801-463-1213    staciwarne@comcast.net

801-463-1213    staciwarne@comcast.net

Microsoft Office Training That Increases Employee Productivity

Microsoft Office Training That Increases Employee Productivity...

Empower your team to complete their office tasks up to 10X faster




Here's some benefits of using our training...

Office Secrets

Time-saving secrets known only to the top 1% of office experts

Office Shortcuts

Clever shortcuts that make time wasted performing tasks manually a thing of the past

Increase Productivity

Learn new and current features available that will increase your productivity on the job

Certified Trainer

Taught by a Microsoft Certified Trainer, (MCT) with 20+ years’ experience, validates you won’t be disappointed!

Professional Materials

Our training materials let you find what you need quickly and includes an easy reference keyboard shortcut handout

What’s Included

Student Manual, Quick Reference Handouts, Skill Surveys, Evaluations and Exercise files are all available

Here's How My Training Works:


Pre-Training Survey

We start by having your employees complete a short survey. This helps us identify the current knowledge gaps they have and the job challenges they face. From there, we tailor a curriculum that most effectively meets their needs and your expectations.


On-Site Training

All training takes place on-site at your company and includes practical exercises that allow students to rack up constructive, hands-on experience. We also provide printed learning material to help students retain the knowledge learned.


Custom ROI Report

We evaluate the pre and post-training student surveys and provide you with a custom ROI report that outlines the productivity improvement of each student and gives you an estimate on how much time and money my training will save your company. 

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Why Choose My Training?

What makes me 100% confident I can maximize your employee’s productivity? I only work with students who I'm confident will benefit from my professional office courses. My clients can expect to enjoy a 20% rise in productivity on average. This equates to a 10X return on your investment 1 year after my training.

To find out how much I can help your company, click the button below to access my ROI calculator.


Student Evaluations

About Me

Staci Warne is a highly skilled Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with over 20  years’ experience in training individuals at all skill levels. She holds an array certifications such as Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Office Master Instructor. In 2017 she was awarded “Secret Clearance” with the Military and currently holds.  She has been a Financial Analyst and a lead technology trainer for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Staci travels around the country providing quality training to thousands of business, military and corporate professionals in all industries. Her biggest joy, in the classroom comes from seeing the students have those “Aha” moments when learning a new tool that they never knew was available.

Staci style is not to train "out of the book", but offers individual insights, and augments course materials with her own "tips and tricks" to meet your needs.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions or concerns about my training, please contact me at staciwarne@comcast.net or using the form on your left.

Do you have any questions or concerns about Pathsheet Training. If so, please contact us at info@staciwarne.com or using the form below.

Investment In Your Team's Success!

Investing in training for your staff is one of the smartest and most affordable ways to take some of the stress out of their jobs. Many students may have a hard time staying motivated and absorbing learning material when relying on self-paced learning or free resources found online. This is why our instructor-led training is the most effective training method on the market. Your employees will be more productive, which will ultimately help your company's bottom line.

Contact us today to discuss the training options best suited to your business.


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